Touch Up

Here's a look at some things I've been learning about in Adobe Photoshop CS5.  The young lady in the picture is a colleague in work who kindly agreed to let me use some images of her for my coursework (I had her images because of an impromptu photo-shoot I did for my employer actually, quite proud of the result too, so I may post that one day).

Take a gander at the 'Before & After' image below...

Click the image to see a larger version for closer inspection

 A few things that have been changed in the 'After' image then :-
  • Altered the overall white balance
  • Maintained the original colour tone of her lips
  • Tidied up all the 'fly-away' hairs
  • Touched up several small skin blemishes
  • Whitened the white parts of her eyes
  • Enlarged her eyes by 5% (Hollywood eyes!)
  • Altered overall lighting tone (via a layered blend in 'Soft Light' mode)

Well, what do you think?  Were all the changes worth it in the end?  Is the final image believable and/or pleasing to the eye?